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Assignment: Whatever It May Be

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

I think my assignment is to speak my truth, whatever that may be.

To write it out.

The remedy of a mind.

I have been on the search for my purpose.

But purpose is futile.

Only because we are limited to a certain perception.

Our perception changes and grows as we get older, as we get hurt, as we heal.

So how does one choose a purpose and guarantee that they will stick with it?

As they grow, as they get older, as they get hurt, as they heal.

Life is but a spiral. A möbius strip.

Bending back in itself from a different angle.

So no purpose.

Pure assignment.


What is my assignment, I ask.

What is the fruit of my labor to be.

Some come to earth to experience humanity and others come to work out karma and others still come to experience the glory of incarnation.

Now, we could get into the intricacies of incarnating in this time or even previous centuries or decades time...

But I ask, what is my assignment.

I can only think. I can intuit as well.

The point where I felt in line. I can intuit.

To share and speak my truth, whatever that may be.

There is an ease in it.

To know what I say is true.

And to remain true to it.

And know that the seasons that change are not indicators of my fickleness

But indicators of my roots.

A tree must lose it’s leaves to make room for the new.


What is my assignment, I ask.

To change with seasons as I sway in rootedness.

To remember my home frequency.

Live it.

And let it be.

Whatever it may be.


Check this out.

It's what you make it to be
Only this moment we have, we have it
And all that we need to be free
Is buried deeper within
Faceless is fate in the dark
Blinding your path to the truth
But what you feel in your heart
Will surely illuminate you

Nothing to fear
When you are near
If you are here

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