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Black Joy

What is Black joy.

A statement.

A revelation.

A fact.

One thing I consistently think about is why isn't Black Joy enough for folks to care? Why is it Black death and trauma that motivates you to do better? Why in death do you care? Why not in the day time when you hear our laughter, when you see us shine, when you consume our culture? Why not when we're alive and well, smiling so bright we illuminate the night sky? So bright you mistake us for a second Sun? Why not in our happiness, why not in our elation, why not in our fullness, why not while we're here?

Sun-kissed child, how dare they treat you rude?
I'll Hershey kiss your wounds
I do see you

"Sun-kissed child, I'll never, ever walk away from you
That's somethin' I just couldn't do
You're not invisible, you're not 
invisible, I see you
And everything you go through
Sun-kissed child of mine
I'm here now and down the line
For all time, for all time, you hear?
Watch those parasites and watch all those hypocrites
Stay in the light, just stay in the light
Stay in the light
Stay in the light"

- Jill Scott, Sunkissed Child - D Smoke


Check this out, Sunkissed Child. <3

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