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Time Travelling

It exists. Maybe not as you think, but it does.

I have time traveled.

A body is a vehicle.

Housing energ(ies).

Emotions are energy.

I have time traveled. Lived in denser realms.




Extreme fear.

I have contracted. Contracted. Contracted.

I would say a rubberband but that is the expansion of tension.

More like a sponge.

Being pressed down from the outside. Being clogged from the outside.

No air.

Outside factors, outside forces.

Only to expand once again.

I may not have been the cause of the clogs, but I must expel.

Expel to float.

A contraction, a sinking to remember the glory of room.

But time travel.

We are time traveling in our bodies.

Clogged with guilt, shame, grief, fear...

Living in dense worlds. In times slower than we could imagine.

Slower than molasses.

It is a different world down there. Different time.

The travel happens within.

We will unclog and get air.

We will rise and see from here and never forget that the depths make the ascent, and the arrival worth the plunge.


Check this out. One of my favorite Hiatus Kaiyote songs. Unreleased.

No Weight

🎶 Watch me grow. 🎶

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